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It was funny yesterday. I was making fun with my brother and here’s our conversation while my mom was listening to us. ( Our conversation was danish so I will try my best to translate it in English as I can, that’s why there’s also a danish language with it. hahaha! )

Me: Hermie, are you going to come with me and mom?! , I asked (Hermie, vil du komme med?, spørger jeg)

my Bro: where?! (hvorhen?!)

Me: We ( my mom and I) are going back to Philippines when I am 30 or b4 I turn 30, after I pay the money that I borrow from the government to study..We are going to get our pension from work and stay in the Philippines for good. Are you going to come with us?! (på Filippinerne hvis vi ska rejse tilbage! de kan godt være at jeg bliver 30 eller inden jen bliver 30 år. Mor og jeg rejser tilbage, efter at jeg har betalt min lån fra SU. Vi skal tage vores pension og rejser tilbage Vi køber huset og starter med en lille forretning. Kommer du med?!)

my Bro : No, i will rather stay here in Denmark. (Nej, jeg bliver til Danmark)

Me : That’s good, so yo can send some money to me and mom there, i said laughing.(Det er godt, så du kan godt sende penge til mig og mor på Filippinerne, griner jeg)

my bro : no, he said laughing ( nej, sagde han mens han griner)

me : all of a sudden i said, ok but if you will come and travel back to Philippines. We are not going to pick u up in the airport.( ok men hvis du vil rejse hjem, vi vil ikke komme og henter dig i lufthavn hvis du kommer på besøg, sagde jeg pludselige.)

My brother was just laughing about our conversation. I think, he thought that I am just making fun of him.

I’m still hoping and wishing for that we will go back to the Philippines for good but I know it will really take lots of time before we decide to go back to the Philippines. Hmmm….i guess i will really go back to the Philippines for good after I pay all my debt . I can say for now that Denmark is not a place for me I can call home but maybe, only maybe I’ll change my mind about it, well who knows?!


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