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Pointers on true love

1.) watch out for signs – If your friends/parents don’t like you two to be together, there’s probably something wrong. your true friends/parents will not be against anything that would be best for you.

2.) love yourself more – your guy/gurl only deserves the best, right? give him/her your best. Have a good self-outlook and always be worthy of everything. Praise yourself and don’t say i don’t deserve you cause it’s just like giving trash to your man/woman if you consider yourself as such a mess.

3.) be totally honest – Do not hide yourself,be who you are. It’s always for the best that your man/woman knows the real you as early as now than later, if he can’t accept you, he’s/she’s not worth it.

4.) do things for yourself – Don’t depend too much on, and don’t let him depend too much on you,  sooner or later you’d find yourselves too attached to your man and say i can’t live without you. You’ve lived far longer without him/her than you did with him/her.

5.) be realistic – Say what you mean and not just some plain mushy non-sense, people nowadays are irritated by that oh-you-think-id-fall-for-that-sweet-thing-you-just-said kinda stuff. messages are sweeter when they come from the heart, even if it’s corny.

6.) be nice to other people – You lovebirds are not the only people on earth, be considerate to the people around you, make sure you give time to your family, studies and friends. balance your time and attention.

7.) do not sleep with a fight unresolved – Goodnight, sweet dreams and i love you. just makes sleep much sweeter, you won’t be hearing this if you’re in a fight. Resolve things before you hit the sheets to avoid fights from becoming worse.

8.) daydream – this is always one way of staying kilig. not just healthy for the imagination, but healthy for the heart as well.

9.) stay in love – chocolate does wonders. studies have proven that chocolates can help boost your love-points. eat more and stay happier.

10.) keep a journal – at least in times of trouble, you can always read your past entries and remember just how much you love your guy/gurl. if you’ve been entering more rants than raves, I think you have to do something about it.

11.) shout it to the world – for no reason at all, it just feels good to be in love!!!

**forward mail by a friend

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