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Emmanuel tagalog and english version ( lyrics and chords)

(tagalog) EMMANUEL

INTRO: CM7 – Bm7 – Em – Am7 – D7sus – D7
CM7 Bm7
/1/ Isang dalaga’y maglilihi,
CM7 Bm7
Batang Lalaki ang sanggol.
CM7 Bm7 Em Am7 D7sus D7
At tatawagin siyang: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel.”
(repeat 1)
CM7 Bm7
/2/ Magalak! Isinilang ang Poon.
CM7 Bm7
Sa sabsaban Siya’y nakahimlay.
CM7 Bm7 Em Am7 D7sus D7
Nagpahayag ang mga anghel; “Luwalhati sa Diyos!”
(repeat 1 and 2 together, and then 1)
D7sus D7 CM7 DM7
Coda Kahuluga’y, nasaatin ang Diyos!
EbM7 FM7 G
Nasa atin ang Diyos! Nasa atin ang Diyos!

EMMANUEL (english)

(Same chord pattern as above )
/1/ Behold, the Virgin shall be with Child
And shall bring forth a son
And they shall call His name: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel”
/2/ Rejoice! The Savior is born.
In the Manger is the Christ child lain
All the angels thoughout proclaim; “The Savior is born!”
Coda: In other words, “God with us!” (3x)
intro: [f] D – B / C – B / C – D – E – D – C – B / B – C – B – A – G /
C – B – A – G – G

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