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Kisses ( mwuah )

Kiss on the ear means ” Flirting ”

Kiss on the cheek means ” Friends or I respect you !”

Kiss on the hand means” I adore you ”

Kiss on the shoulder means ” You smell nice ”

Kiss on the lips means ” I’m in love with you ”

Kiss on the nose means ” You’re so cute ”

Kiss anywhere else means ” I want you “

Other means….

A Kiss on the hand means: FRIENDSHIP

A Kiss on the nose means: YOU’RE CUTE

A Kiss on the cheek means: I NEED YOU

A Kiss on the neck means: I WANT YOU

A Kiss on the lips means: I LOVE YOU

Kissing wihile eyes are closed means: I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU

Kissing while eyes are open means: I’M WATCHING WHERE YOUR HANDS ARE GOING

The military kiss means: “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID

Stolen Kisses ARE THE SWEETEST (Always want to return it )

To make it short …

… Its’ not WHO you are KISSING with but WHERE you want to KISS that person matters !!!

September 18, 2010 - Posted by | Relationship/Love

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