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The Pastor

The Pastor

There was Pastor walking along the street one day when he saw a boy walking towards him carrying a cage with 3 frightened birds huddled in the corner inside it. The pastor approached the boy and said “What have you got there son?” looking down at the cage.
The boy looked up and said “Just some old birds.”
“And what do you plan to do with those birds?” asked the Pastor.
“I’m going to have fun with them. First I’m gonna pull out their feathers and make them fight and then I’m gonna feed ‘them to my cat” replied the boy.
The pastor looked down at the bird and smiled warmly.
“How much do you want for those birds?” he asked.
The boy looked up at him and said “Oh sir you wouldn’t want these old birds. They’re old and ugly, what use would you have for them?” The pastor was persistent, “how much do you want?” he asked.
The boy sighed and said “10 dollars”
“Done” the pastor said and he flashed out a 10 dollar note, the boy took it and then was gone. The pastor picked up the cage and took it home where he cared for the bird and aided them back to health.

At the next church service, the pastor bought the cage into the church and it on the floor by his feet. The people looked at the cage with 3 birds sitting peacefully inside it. The pastor began preaching and he told the story of the boy with the birds. And how it is in most ways related to the story of what Jesus did for us.
Heres how he put it…

Satan was walking down the street carrying a cage full of people, when he saw Jesus coming towards him. ”
What have you got there?” asked Jesus.
“People, I’m gonna play with them. Teach them how to fight, show them how to kill each other. Teach them how to hate and be evil.” Satan replied.
Upon hearing this, Jesus looked down and smiled warmly at the people in the cage.
“How much do you want for these people?” he asked. Satan looked at him wide-eyed,
“You wouldn’t want these people, they’d only disrespect you and hate you.”
But Jesus was persistent, “How much do you want?”
Satan grinned evilly, “All your blood and tears.”
And with that, Jesus looked at Satan and said…”Done”
Once the pastor had finished the story, he leaned down and opened the cage door and the birds flew out… they were free.

October 31, 2010 - Posted by | praise and worship

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